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IUS in SDG Action

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS), as a university - leader - in the field of sustainable development, and as a socially responsible institution, has launched a new strategic campaign IUS in SDG Action. One of the stages of this campaign is the concretization of plans in the field of recycling, all with the aim of raising awareness to the protection of environment.

In this regard, on Friday, May 28, 2021, IUS signed a contract with BH recycling company Aida-Commerce, with the aim of starting a joint waste recycling action on the university campus. The signing of this partnership agreement is the seal of all previous SDG activities at IUS, and the opening to new horizons for the implementation of the IUS GREEN CAMPUS action.

As part of this recycling action, a new recycling policy for plastic bottles and aluminum cans (soda) has been established at IUS. On each floor of the A building of the University, there are special bins for storing such bottles and cans. The staff is responsible for disposing of bottles and cans in specific bins, which are clearly marked with different colors. Also, IUS encourages all staff who dispose of such items at their homes, to use bins at IUS in an environmentally responsible manner. One of the next stages will be the installation of containers and paper boxes, where everyone will be able to dispose of their paper for recycling.

We would, also, like to point out that in the last year a large number of activities have been carried out in the implementation of SDG goals at IUS: starting with ranking IUS on world rankings of universities in SDG implementation; involvement in several international sustainable development research networks; through establishment of SDG group of volunteers, composed of students and employees; introduction of targeted subjects from sustainable development in the curriculum of IUS; employee education through research projects; promotion of sustainable development on the official website and social networks; promotional material; until the latest inclusion of SDG in strategic partnerships and documents. For more information on SDG activities carried out at IUS, you can take a look at this link.

Finally, IUS invites all interested students, academic and administrative staff who are willing to contribute to this recycling action and by their personal example contribute to the protection of the environment. Other actions can potentially be taken across the whole range of SDGs as well. Creative suggestions are very encouraged.