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IUS becomes a member of the world’s largest SDG research networks

IUS becomes a member of the world’s largest SDG research networks

In order to further strengthen its international cooperation in the field of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in mid-October 2020, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) joined two internationally recognized research networks in the area of SDG – the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Program (IUSDRP) and the European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR). The cooperation has been established on the initiative of Assist. Prof. Dr. Aliaksandr Novikau from the Department of International Relations and Public Administration, with the support of the Rector of IUS, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım, and the coordination of the IUS Quality Assurance Office.

The primary goal of the IUSDRP to establish a world’s platform through which member universities from different parts of the globe would undertake more effective research in the field of sustainable development. Specifically, IUSDRP focuses on attracting and undertaking joint research and educational projects.

In the same vein, the ESSSR promotes cooperation among European universities by establishing a platform for universities from all parts of Europe to exchange views and experiences on the contribution of science and sustainability research to the aim of SDG implementation. The ESSSR mobilises universities working on SDG and implement joint initiatives. In particular, this network focusses on research projects and special lectures and publications, which show the way in which science and sustainability research can help achieve SDG and how it all can contribute to the education of the next generation of sustainability scientists.

Rector of the IUS, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldırım, on that occasion, pointed out that IUS membership in the IUSDRP and ESSSR research networks is a big step for the IUS on the way to achieving its mission, vision, and strategic goals. Moreover, he said that this partnership laid the foundations for opening wider perspectives on the new strategic moves of the IUS, as one of the leading universities in the field of sustainable development, compared to other universities in the region. This partnership is opening a door to joint research, expertise exchange, and provides opportunities for IUS to apply for research grants.  In this way, the IUS will join the leading world universities, members of these networks, in their efforts to consolidate their initiatives around the SDGs.

IUS is the leading university in BiH in delivering SDGs through internal and external activities. Many IUS professors have already implemented UN SDG in their research and educational activities, to mention but a few examples: Through its curricula several IUS Study Programmes include sustainability topics in their course offer.  For instance, the courses which already offer sustainability topics are as follows: IR476 Global Environmental Issues, IR467 Energy Security and IR474 Gender in International Relations hosted by International Relations (Faculty of Business and Administration), BIO410 Ecology and Environmental Engineering offered by Genetics and Bioengineering (Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences).

The main goal is to raise awareness of students and equip them with knowledge and competences to become future ambassadors of the SDGs. Through the projects that the students will undertake as part of the courses, it is expected that they will gain practical skills and nurture the feeling of contribution to the SGDs.

Lastly, IUS efforts have been acknowledged by the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking for two consecutive years. So far, it is the only university in BiH and the wider region to be ranked in this category by THE.
This is just the beginning of IUS path to its contribution to the sustainable goals and UN Agenda 2030.