Message of ELS Director, Mrs. Hilal Karić

Being able to successfully use English in spoken and written form is a must for everyone in education and business spheres. With this in mind, as an international institution, IUS uses English as its the medium of instruction and communication. Thus, English is an integral part of life of our university, for both its students and staff.

The International University of Sarajevo English Language School is an integral part of the university, whose main purpose is to prepare students language-wise to study in an English-medium academic environment in as short a time as possible, focusing on the actual use of the English language, rather than rote memorization of grammar rules and out-of-date uses.

The 25-hour-per-week ELS program is intensive and quite thorough, with an academic bent and focusing on developing the reading, listening, speaking and writing skills of the student along with a large vocabulary that will benefit the student in later studies. At IUS, a student's overall academic success hinges on his/her achievement at ELS. Students will find ELS language instructors friendly, helpful, understanding, and yet, very serious and professional.

The full ELS program lasts an academic year, divided into four-sessions, each taking up 8 weeks at 200 hours per level. A student with no previous knowledge of English starts at Level 1 and works their way through to Level 4, at the end of which each student reaches a level of English proficiency where they can read academic texts, listen to lectures and take notes, respond to teacher prompts in class and in examinations and communicate with others using English in their everyday lives.

The program is not based on passing or failing one exam in one session, but the student attending and participating in all educational activities during the lessons and revising in different ways outside of the classroom.

Students who complete the English Language School are able to face the everyday language requirements of an English-medium learning environment and cope with the demands of studying at faculty level using the necessary language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing. Moreover, they can also successfully function in social and work environments. Having this level of proficiency in English places these students ahead of their contemporaries.

In addition, our Summer Courses offer alternative programs to teenagers who wish to improve their English language skills while enjoying the beauty of the Balkan region with trips and cultural exchanges over a 3-week period.

ELS wishes to maintain strong lines of communication with parents and other stakeholders in order to promote a global outlook alongside an appreciation of local and regional values. To compete better in a challenging world, ELS develops efficient and effective systems to reach students from diverse background.